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Jane Harmon from HomeSmitten

Jane Harmon from One Fab Home
Meet Jane, a tech-savvy virtuoso and avid home improvement enthusiast. She is the mastermind behind our ‘Appliances & Tech‘, ‘Smart Homes‘, and ‘DIY‘ sections. Armed with her interior design expertise and a flair for DIY, Jane offers a treasure trove of tips and insights for navigating modern home technology and undertaking transformative home projects. When she’s not sharing her knowledge, Jane indulges in gardening or seeks out the latest innovations in home technology.

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Scott Walker from HomeSmitten

Scott Walker from One Fab Home
Scott, our resident expert in health and wellness, seamlessly blends the concepts of a nourishing lifestyle with practical home living. He enriches our readers with his insights on ‘Healthy Living & Wellbeing‘, ‘Cooking & Recipes‘, and occasionally ventures into ‘Modular Homes‘. Scott’s articles highlight the interplay between a healthy lifestyle and a harmonious home environment. In his free time, Scott is often found practicing yoga, cooking nutritious meals, or exploring nature trails.

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