Vivint Door Lock Not Working (Troubleshooting Guide)

Are you experiencing difficulties while trying to use the Vivint Door app to unlock your Vivint Door Lock?

You might have attempted getting the door opened using the app, but your Vivint Door Lock is none responsive.

You do not have to call a technician or ask for assistance from Vivint customer support to solve this problem.

By looking it up online, we discovered some easy ways to fix this problem.

To get an idea and ways to improve your Vivint Door lock problems, go through this article as it explains in detail.

How to Fix Vivint Door Lock Problems 

Vivint door lock not locking or unlocking

Is your Vivint Door Lock not working? Worry no more.

We will help you solve this problem.

Being designed to provide the best security to your home, the lock delivers this most of the time. 

However, your Vivint door lock might have caught you off guard.  To help you fix these problems, we have provided you with several solutions. 

Battery replacement for your Vivint Lock 

This should be your go-to place whenever the Door locks malfunction.

When batteries are below 40%, the door locks might be non-responsive.

A battery level check is advised whenever you encounter any problems.

For it to work, do a Battery replacement. You can use the following guide to change your Vivint Door lock Batteries;

  1. Remove the cover. This will detach it from the lock.
  2. Remove the exposed battery from the lock by holding it from the top and pulling it off.
  3. Change the batteries on the pack and replace them with new ones. Use four alkaline batteries.
  4. Place the battery pack on your lock back and put back the lock cover. 

If it does not work using the above step, you can move on to the following alternative method of fixing it.

Delete, Factory Reset, and Re-add the Lock to the Vivint Smart Hub

If your Vivint door lock fails to work after you replace the batteries, there might be a device malfunction which usually occurs when you allow your batteries to be drained entirely before replacement.

This can be fixed by clearing the lock data from the Vivint hub. It will be more like restoring defaults.

When you are done doing this, add it back to its hub. 

Guidelines on deleting Lock from Vivint Smart Hub

  1. Open the Vivint lock website,
  2. On your navigation bar, denoted by three parallel lines in the left corner side, click on the Customer Login tab. 
  3. Key in your login details to access Site Manager, tap the options tab, and unlock the Installer toolbox. 
  4. You will see a code in Site Manager. The code is four digits and essential for re-adding the lock.
  5. You can now turn off your smart lock and key in your pin. 
  6. Pick your  Software Version. This comes after clicking on the menu tab on the home screen.
  7. Choose Smart Home Devices and tap Z-Wave, then select Remove Mode. 
  8. Hold on to the A  button situated below the smart lock cover. This button will delete Vivint Smart Lock from the Hub, completing the operation.

Lock Factory Reset; User Guidelines 

After being deleted from Vivint Hub, the lock needs to be factory reset. Follow the following steps to reset your Vivint Door Lock. 

  1. Take out the battery pack by removing the lock’s cover.
  2. The program Button should be pressed and held simultaneously.
  3. The battery pack is inserted back while pressing Program Button.
  4. Hold the buttons for half a minute. You will hear a beep, and a red light will beep on the lock
  5. Stop pressing the button upon seeing the red light.on seeing the red light, release the program button.
  6. Furthermore, press the Program button until you hear another beep, and a green light flashes. 
  7. You have completed the reset.

Re-Adding back Vivint Smart Lock to the Hub 

  1. Click on Menu, which can be accessed from your home screen.
  2. Click on Software Version.
  3. Key in the four-digit code shown on the Site Manager upon unlocking Installer Toolbox. 
  4. Select Smart Home Devices, and Afterwards, click on Z-Wave and Add Node. 
  5. Press the A button to pair your smart lock with the Vivint Smart Hub. You can find the A button after you have taken out the load cover. The operation is now complete, and you have to input your device’s name. 

Try operating the Vivint Smart lock again upon addition to the Hub. Continue to the next suggestion if it still doesn’t work.

Revamp Vivint Smart Lock

It might be essential to modify your lock one more time if you cannot see the current position of the Vivint Smart Lock or when the locking bolt fails to hold the door in place upon closure.

If you revamp your intelligent home lock, it does not necessarily mean your connection to the hub is severed. 

Below are the simple steps you can follow to modify your smart door lock.

  1. Enter your home and close the door behind you. 
  2. Please remove your lock’s back cover to gain access to the battery back disconnect it. 
  3. Ensure that you keep your door open for the next series of steps.
  4. Ensure that the lock bears no power. To accomplish this, press and hold any button on the exterior side of the wave. Be keen to hear a beep which indicates that the lock bears no power.
  5. Hold on to the Lock button situated on the lock’s exterior.
  6. Re-insert your battery pack into the lock as you continue pressing the Lock button.  
  7. You should now be able to pick and unlock the smart lock easily. Let go of the Lock button to finish this modification.

Try Again if You Experience a Weak Panel Signal!

Weak signals may also make your Vivint Door Lock stop responding to remote commands.

If the processes mentioned above have not yet fixed your lock, the reason for the malfunction might be your Panel Signal.

To fix this, give it some time and retry. 


Why is My Smart Lock Not Locking?

If your smart lock is not working, quickly troubleshoot this problem.

They come in steps, and you can do each until you are satisfied with your lock’s operation.

You can follow the actions discussed in this article to fix your smart lock effectively. 

What is the Red Signal in My Vivint Door Lock?

A red signal light is displayed in the Vivint Door Lock to indicate a low battery level. 

What Happens if The Smart Lock Loses Power?

Before losing power, your Smart Lock will send you multiple weeks’ worth of low-battery notifications.

You can, however, still, use your key even if your Vivint Smart lock goes off due to low battery. 

Final Thoughts 

When using the tips provided in this article, you should apply them in the order in which they appear.

If you are still having problems with your Vivint Door Lock, we would recommend you consult the Vivint customer support team. 

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