Tru Bolt Electronic Lock Not Working (This Works)

There are multiple factors to take into account when buying the appropriate gadget for your household safety.

This makes it very challenging for those purchasing it for the first time.

Tru-Bolt has dominated the locks market for its ability to meet customer satisfaction. These types of locks are very simple to install.

Nevertheless, using these door locks frequently results in issues.

Why Is Tru Bolt Electronic Lock Not Working?

Why is my TRU bolt lock not working?

Having problems with Tru-Bolt electronic locks is common. 

Some of these issues are common and easy to handle in the comfort of your home.

These issues include:

  • Degraded or dead batteries. Get fresh alkaline ones and check the installation.
  • The contacts of the batteries have rust building up on them. It hinders the flow of electricity so make sure the surface of the contacts is clean.
  • Faultiness in the installation of the keypad. Fasten the keypad to the safe and confirm that the wires connecting the keypad and the lock are not faulty. Always confirm that the safety of your Tru-Bolt is functional; instances of the locks getting blocked and out of order have been reported.
  • Low or no power supply. Always ensure that there is a power supply connected to your Tru Bolt Electronic lock.

How to Get Around Tru Bolt Malfunctions

There are solutions to many of the inconveniences that come about when Tru Bolt malfunctions.

Some of these problems are discussed in this article and they are as follows.

On the Tru-Bolt, the Electronic Lock Keeps Shutting and Reopening Endlessly.

The batteries should be checked first when this happens because low batteries could result in improper operation of the lock.

If you discover that they are low, get a new pair.

You should also make sure that the bolts are stretched all the way. Remove any dirt in the path of the lock.

Another item you should verify is the placement of the Tru-bolt smart locks.

For it to be properly aligned the bolt must be parallel to the door strike. If this is not done the door may still open even when the code is entered incorrectly.

Something else you should do is the Unlock button. The placement of the Unlock option might be the issue.

These can be solved through the following steps.

  • Remove the Lock door’s inner assembly.
  • Check that the Unlock button (a button with the letters “L R” on it) is well positioned. Doors can be either left- or right-handed. Select “L” if it is left-handed and “R” if it is right-handed.
  • The doorknob placed on the left- place the hand twist horizontally. 
  • The doorknob placed on the right- place the twist vertically 
  • If all these are set correctly, install the inner assembly
  • Verify how effectively the lock is working.

Continuous Lock Alarm

Reasons Your Lock Alarm Goes Off

  • The lock has broken down
  • Wrong commands
  • Poor battery performance

What To Do

  • Replace aged batteries
  • Correct the wrong insertion of batteries

If the beeping continues, seek assistance from an experienced locksmith.

Thoroughly inspect the batteries regarding levels of voltage left and placement. Dead ones call for a replacement.

Simultaneous beeping and flashing have been recorded with Tru Bolt smart locks. These are different types of beeping and flashing and what they indicate.

Color of light/flashBeep duration and numberInterpretation/ Action required
GreenA long beepNo issue with the lock
RedtwoCrashed program
RedSeven in rapid succession for five secondsChange the batteries
Red(Four)FourCritical battery status
Red(Four)DoubleIncorrect code keyed in several times
Red(Three)ThreeScan for errors
Red(Six)Two brief beeps (Three times)Made a mistake after an error with the lock
GreenLengthy beep then a short onePowered lock
Tru Bolt smart locks: different types of beeping and flashing and what they indicate

The Tru Bolt electronic lock’s keypad has stopped working

If this happens this is what you should do.

  • You need to examine the batteries to see if they are depleted or running low. Replace them with a new pair.
  • Ensure that they are also properly fixed and that the contacts of the batteries are not corroded.
  • You might have entered many incorrect attempts and the keypad is locked up. If this is the case wait for 60 seconds and try again.

A Rusty System

Confirm the positioning of the plates and the latches. Ensure no objects are stuck in the keyhole. Spray or apply lubricant into the keyhole.

Once it has been sprayed, insert the key to allow the lubricant to enter the locking mechanism.


How to Erase All Changes Made on Settings?

Please contact a locksmith if the situation persists and you cannot resolve it.

-With a ten-second time allowance, remove and then remount the batteries.
-After installing the battery, you should listen for a prolonged beep.
-Now, within a 3-second time frame, push the “Unlock” button three times.
-Green flash to indicate a successful reset.

How to Go About System Reset Without the Original Code?

-Enter the factory and tap on “Unlock”. By default, you’ll use the number 123456.
-To proceed, please press the “4” button.
-Choose the “Unlock” option and hit the button.
 -Click “Unlock.” with the newly acquired 6-digit number
-Select “Unlock”.
-If the modification is effective, a green light will blink.

Is WD40 Safe?

There are better lubricants and this is generally not recommended.

Will My Key Work if Batteries Are Not Functional?

Yes, your key still opens if the batteries are not functional.

What Is the Code for Factory Reset?

Use 123456 to reset all settings.

Why Is My Tru Bolt Blinking Red?

-A combination of two beeps and red flashes: Programme failure
-Seven beeps combined with red light for five seconds: Battery needs replacement
-Four short beeps with four red flashes: Your battery is almost completely depleted.

Final Thoughts

Do not panic because of Tru-Bolt malfunctions. They are frequently reported and their causes are vast. 

If you come across such a lock, the first thing you should do is check its physical condition and make sure everything is where it should be.

If none of the tips above work, then don’t hesitate to reach out to a locksmith for an unremitting malfunction.

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