Different Toilet Seat Shapes and Sizes

The toilet seat is a crucial component of the toilet, as it helps prevent the spread of germs by creating a protective layer between the person using the bathroom and the contents of the bowl.

It also helps keep the toilet bowl clean when it’s covered because dirt falls on it, and you can regularly wipe it.

Toilet seats don’t have an expiration date; therefore, it can be hard to tell when to replace them.

Nonetheless, most toilet seats last for about five to ten years, depending on factors like environment, quality, and usage. 

When replacing toilet seats, it’s essential to understand that though they play similar functions, they aren’t the same; they are uniquely designed to fit different setups.

You ought to consider many factors when purchasing a toilet seat, but the most important ones are its shape and size. 

This article looks at different toilet seat shapes, their uses, and the look it gives your restroom.

It also highlights different toilet sizes and finalizes by answering the most frequently asked questions regarding different toilet seat shapes and sizes.

Everything You Need to Know About Different Toilet Seat Shapes and Sizes

How do I know what shape my toilet seat is?

Toilet seats come in numerous shapes, but the most common ones are D shape, U-shape, round, square, and elongated.

Toilet seats also come in different sizes; the popular sizes are depth of between 600m and 720mm, a height measuring 400mm, and a width between 400 and 500mm.

Some toilet seats are custom-made into unique shapes and sizes to meet the user’s needs; an example is those used by the disabled. 

Different Toilet Seat Shapes

When buying or replacing your seat, you need to know the shape you need. Getting the wrong one could affect the design of your bathroom or make it uncomfortable to use. 

With numerous toilet shape options in the market, it can be pretty challenging to know the one that will adequately meet your needs.

Below are some of the most prevalent toilet seat shapes:

Round Toilet Seat

Round toilet seats are usually circular and simple since they’re just round with equal dimensions. Their measurements vary from area to area, but most are normally about 16.5 inches. 

This toilet shape is perfect for you if you want an elegant traditional look for your bathroom. It’s ideal for commercial areas with limited space or a small house with a compact bathroom. 

This toilet’s small size makes it very perfect for use by children, but it’s challenging to use for anyone with mobility issues. 

Elongated or Oval Toilet Seats

The elongated toilet seats are similar to the round ones but with a pointed tip. Though their size varies depending on the toilet, they primarily measure 18.5 cm (from the bolt holes to the edge). 

They have a pleasant modern look, and someone with disability issues can comfortably use them due to their large size.

Men can comfortably use it while standing without messing, which is always impressive.

One setback with this toilet shape is that it’s pretty expensive, and the design requires large toilet spaces due to its broad surface area.

Square Toilet Seats

Square shape toilet seats have a simple minimalist style that adds a modern sense to the toilet seat industry.

They have a length and width of 17 inches, making them very comfortable.

Though this shape is pretty simple, it’s known to give toilets a nice elegant look that you’ll like.

You’ll mostly find this toilet seat shape in public areas like restaurants, cinemas, and schools, but you can have it in your house as well.

D-shaped Toilet Seats

This is another popular toilet seat shape, and its design is usually similar to rectangular and round shapes.

It’s prevalent among homeowners due to its comfort and affordability.

A D-shaped toilet seat is perfect if you are looking for a contemporary look without breaking your bank.

Different Toilet Seat Sizes

different sizes of toilet seats

There is no standard size for all toilet seats, but most have a depth of 700mm, a height measuring 400mm, and a width of 450mm.

To know the size that will perfectly fit on your toilet, you require to do the following measurements:

  • Width: This measurement may not be necessary for curvy toilets. However, for the other shapes, it’s very critical; It’s the distance from the broadest side of the bathroom to the other.
  • Length: Take this measurement after removing your old seat cover. It’s the measurement from the front rim of the toilet to the middle of the bolt holes. 
  • Wall gap: This is the distance between the wall and the bolt holes on the toilet. Place the tape measure between the two holes, then stretch it towards the wall.
  • Bolt spread: Measure the distance between the bolt holes at the back of your toilet.


Do all toilet seats have the same shape?

No. All toilet seats don’t have the same shape; their shapes vary depending on the user’s preference and the intended look.

The most popular shapes are round, D-shaped, oval, and square.

What toilet seat size should I buy?

The size of the toilet seat you should buy depends on the size of your toilet. To get the exact size, measure your toilet’s length, width, and bolt spread.

Can I use an oval toilet seat cover on my round toilet? 

Yes. You can use an oval toilet seat cover on your round toilet, but this will make the bathroom quite uncomfortable and alter the aesthetic look of the toilet.

Which is the most comfortable toilet seat shape?

The most comfortable toilet seat shape varies from person to person.

However, most people confess to finding the elongated shape pretty comfortable in terms of height and ease of use.

What’s the difference between an elongated and round toilet? 

The difference between an elongated and round toilet is mainly the length.

A round toilet seat measures approximately 17.5 inches, while an elongated one has a length of around 19 inches.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to styling a home, the small details such as the shape and size of the toilet seat make a significant difference.

If you’ve been wondering what shape and size of a toilet seat to purchase for your restroom, we hope this guide has shed some light. 

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