Petsafe Smart Door Not Working (Troubleshooting Guide)

It is truly distressing when your Petsafe Smart door malfunctions at any given time.

It’s more worrying to know that the door won’t work accordingly, yet your buddy needs some sleep.

Maybe he is unwell and needs to rest, but the door won’t work! 

It’s sad, and it’s a situation that needs immediate action. Thankfully, we have the solutions. 

Some of the best, simple, yet fastest solutions to a Petsafe Smart door not working include:

  • Changing batteries 
  • Resetting the PetSafe door
  • Storing the Smart door keys away from the door
  • Resetting the sensitivity of the PetSafe Smart door

These are the most common ways of solving the Smart door problem. However, a few things, such as regular door cleaning, would also help.  

Read on to learn how to troubleshoot a non-functional door. 

Petsafe Smart Door Not Working

How to reset petsafe door?
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Various reasons could make the Smart door not function accordingly, and knowing the exact problem is mid-way to the solution.

Also, it’s paramount to understand that some issues are easy to deal with, and there’s no need to contact customer care.

Some problems may be technical and need an expert’s attention. Only the company should help you in such situations – get in touch with them. 

Let’s start with what you can comfortably handle in seconds and have the door working again. 

Resetting the Petsafe Door

One of the simplest ways of solving the Smart door problem is resetting it. Resetting is an excellent solution when the door fails to respond to the key. 

You’ll solve the issue in only 10 seconds.  

So, gently pressing the reset-mode button, wait until you’ve seen a yellow light illuminate before releasing it. 

This switches the door to ‘Automatic’ mode.

If resetting doesn’t solve the problem, consider contacting PetSafe customer care for further assistance. 

Changing Batteries in the Petsafe Smart Door

It could be time to do so if it’s been a couple of months before you replaced the door batteries.

Based on how often the dog uses the PetSafe door, the battery could go flat after 1 to 3 months. For some, it can go up to 4 or 5 months.

A red light is a sure confirmation that you need to replace them.

If the red light persists after changing the batteries, kindly get in touch with customer care for help. 

Storing the Keys Away From the Door

Seeing your buddy using the door without the key could be confusing.

Don’t be in shock; it happens, indicating that a spare key is so close to the door or the sensitivity of the door is so high.  

As aforementioned, if you know the problem, you’re a step away from the solution. 

Solution One

The first thing you need to do is to check if there’s a spare key nearby. If there’s any, please place it in a freezer.

Having the key in the freezer blocks the signal so that the key becomes non-detectable. Consequently, it should be impossible for your pet to use the door. 

Next, choose a place away from the PetSafe Smart door and store the key. 

Solution Two

If the above solution fails, don’t worry. Simply reset the door’s sensitivity to the key.

If the dog is far away, the door won’t detect it. Upon getting closer, the door becomes sensitive to the key and activates immediately.  

Solution Three

If the two options above fail, relax; there’s one more thing you can do.

Press the re-set mode button. Don’t release it yet until the yellow light irradiates.

The light confirms that the door is now in ‘Automatic’ mode. 

Did the three opinions fail?

Something needs to be done by experts – PetSafe Customer care should be the only people to help you. So, get in touch with them. 

Resetting the Sensitivity of the PetSafe Smart Door

If the door doesn’t activate when the key is at a close range, it’s time to reset its sensitivity.

The same applies if your pet uses the door, yet no key is at a close range. Reset the door’s sensitivity.

Henceforth, the door should only activate when the key is at a close range.

You may also have to reset the door’s sensitivity when you notice the door opening and closing, yet no key is nearby.

In this scenario, have all the keys in the freezer. 

If the door doesn’t open or close again, the keys were likely at a close range. Therefore, remove them from the freezer and store them away.

Next, reset the door’s sensitivity. 

PetSafe Door is Sensitive to Other Keys But Not to One!

Sometimes you may notice that the door is activated when other keys are at the door’s range.

However, there’s that one key that won’t activate it. It happens!

There are several reasons which call for different solutions.

  • Batteries could be flat: In this case, replace the door batteries; this solves the problem. All batteries are different. So, while some may last longer, others may last just a few weeks. So, getting the best, long-lasting batteries (PetSafe® RFA-67) from PetSafe company is best. 
  • Key isn’t programmed: Program the key by pressing the learn button. When a green light irradiates, release the button. Confirm if the key has been programmed by bringing it to light. 
  • There could be tags near the door key: If your dog has other tags, they could be blocking the door’s sensitivity. So, remove those tags. The door should now be sensitive to all keys. 

Again, if the problem persists, PetSafe is a call away from your home! Call them for professional help. 

Final Thoughts

PetSafe Smart door not working is, in most cases, a minor problem that you can handle in 10 or 30 seconds using the guide above.

While some issues are technical and need the manufacturer’s attention, most issues, for example, the door not being sensitive to the key, are easy to handle. 

You can handle such issues.

Other issues, such as the door needing to be at level, being dirty, or keys being so close to the door, may require no professional help.

As we have shared above, just a little knowledge is all you need, and all will be well in a few seconds. 

However, if any of these solutions do not solve an existing problem, definitely there’s a technical issue.

Get in touch with customer care ASAP!

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