Kwikset Smart Door Lock Not Working (Troubleshooting Guide) 

Having a problem with your Kwikset smart door lock, especially when you’re in a hurry, can be extremely annoying.

The frustration intensifies if you’re unsure of the cause or how to resolve the problem.

However, before you resort to seeking professional help, it’s crucial to attempt a few troubleshooting steps on your own, even though it might seem challenging at first.

Basic troubleshooting steps for a malfunctioning Kwikset Smart door lock include: 

  1. Changing the batteries 
  2. Updating the smart lock’s software 
  3. Reprogramming the lock system
  4. Checking the lock’s internet and BlueTooth connections
  5. Replacing damaged lock components 

Although Kwikset smart door locks feature the latest technology to secure your home from advanced break-in mechanisms, these devices may malfunction from time to time.

Read on for a detailed breakdown of various causes of this issue and simple fixes. 

Leading Kwikset Smart Door Lock Problems 

Kwikset Smart Door Lock Not Working (Troubleshooting Guide) 

Kwikset smart door locks may not work due to problems like 

  • A troublesome touchscreen 
  • Deadbolt issues 
  • Locking problems 
  • Unresponsiveness 
  • Keypad malfunctions 
  • Problematic app 
  • Latch issues

Below are descriptions of these problems and their troubleshooting steps. 

Kwikset Smart Door Lock with a Troublesome Touchscreen 

Kwikset smart door lock touchscreens are prone to breaking down. The leading causes of this issue include: 

  • Faulty batteries 
  • Debris build-up 
  • Using the wrong App 
  • Connectivity complications

How to Troubleshoot a Kwikset Door Lock With a Troublesome Touchscreen 

  • Replace dead batteries. Ensure the positive and negative sides of the batteries face the right ends 
  • Wipe the fingerprint surface to remove any debris or dirt buildup 
  • Ensure you’re using the correct smart lock App version
  • Update any outdated software features 
  • Check if anything is blocking the remote signals from reaching the smart device and get it out of the way

Kwikset Smart Door Lock With Deadbolt Issues  

Your Kwikset smart door’s deadbolt may misbehave due to the following:

  •  A low battery charge
  • Damaged and bent contacts in the pin and tumbler mechanism

How to Troubleshoot Kwikset Door Lock With Deadbolt Issues 

  • Remove the battery compartment cover by turning it counterclockwise
  • Pull out the batteries 
  • Insert new batteries into the compartment
  • Ensure the batteries face each other inwards and place the cover back. 
  • Check if the contacts in the pin and tumbler mechanism are damaged
  • Replace faulty pins

Kwikset Door Lock that Won’t Lock 

Kwikset door locks may refuse to lock due to: 

  • Dead or low batteries
  • Outdated software 

How to Troubleshoot a Kwikset Door Lock That Won’t Lock 

  • Unscrew the door handle’s back and pull out its cover plate
  • Remove the dead batteries from their compartment 
  • Insert new batteries and replace the cover plate
  •  Check for Kwikset software updates
  • Download any updates 
  • Restart your phone and the device 

Kwikset Door Lock That’s Unresponsive 

The Kwikset door lock may refuse to respond after inserting the key due to: 

  •  Wrong turning 
  • A faulty key
  • Incomplete turning 

How to Troubleshoot a Kwikset Door Lock That’s Unresponsive 

  • Ensure that you’re turning the key correctly
  • Confirm the right turning mechanism from the manual if unsure.
  • Make a new key 
  • Ensure that you’re turning the key all the way, 360 degrees

Kwikset Door Lock With Keypad Malfunctions 

Kwikset smart door keypads misbehave as a result of: 

  • Poor connection. To confirm this issue, check if the lockbox’s back is flashing a steady green light. If it’s not, the connection is problematic. 
  • Lack of power 

How to Troubleshoot a Kwikset Door Lock With Keypad Malfunctions

  • Confirm if anything restricts the signal from reaching the lockbox and remove it immediately. 
  • Switch the lock to programming mode by pressing the buttons for ten seconds as they turn white and red alternately. Release the buttons when the lock beeps twice, indicating the start of programming. 
  • Ensure the device is properly plugged in and charging before opening the lock
  • Check if the surge protector and power outlet are in tip-top condition. 
  • Replace faulty surge protectors, and power outlets 

Kwikset Door Lock App Fails to Function 

The Kwikset door lock App tends to malfunction occasionally. Leading causes of this issue include: 

  • Poor internet connection
  • Bad Bluetooth connection 

How to Troubleshoot a Kwikset Door Lock App that Fails to Malfunction

  • Check if the internet connection is functioning correctly. Open any websites or social media Apps and check if they are loading. 
  • Restarting the App. If you’re using iOS, double tap the home button, swipe up the Kwikset App, and restart it. 
  • Check the phone’s Bluetooth connections. Select the Bluetooth settings, click on privacy, scroll to ‘Location Services’ and turn it on. 
  • Update the App 
  • Uninstall and reinstall the App 

Kwikset Door Lock with a Problematic Latch 

Your Kwikset smart door lock’s latch may malfunction due to: 

  • Improper door handing
  • Misaligned latch and strike 
  • An unresponsive keypad 

How To Troubleshoot a Kwikset  Door Lock with a Problematic Latch 

Follow the following tips to correct a problematic smart door lock latch 

  • Press the programming button until the latch bolt turns during battery pack installation. The bolt will retract or expand to familiarize with the door’s orientation. 
  • Ensure a green flash LED light appears to indicate the end of the familiarization process. 
  • Repeat the process if the LED light doesn’t turn on. 
  • Ensure the door preparation is in accordance with the Kwikset door drilling instructions online.  
  • Check if the keypad is functioning properly
  • Replace the batteries 

Unlocking Kwikset Smart Door Locks 

You can open Kwikset smart door locks using three techniques: fingerprint, key, lock App, or code. 

Opening with a fingerprint includes placing your identified finger on the fingerprint sensor. The lock’s light bar will show animations, beep once, and open the door. 

All you have to do to open the smart lock with a code is dial it in. The device will beep twice, indicating the door is open. 

Turning the key clockwise to a horizontal position turns the door immediately. Turn the key back to the vertical position to remove the key. 

Using the smart lock is the easiest way of operating this device. Select the key on the App and tap on unlock to open the door. 

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Why is my Kwikset lock not unlocking? 

Your Kwikset lock may malfunction due to inserting the wrong code and dead batteries.

The lock’s software system may also be outdated. 

What happens when Kwikset batteries go low? 

The lock interior LED light flashes red when the Kwikset batteries go low. The keypad may flash red too. 

Why is my Kwikset lock blinking green and beeping? 

Your Kwikset may be blinking green and beeping because the door jammed when unlocking. 

What is the reset button on the Kwikset lock? 

Pressing the ‘A’ button at the lock’s back for ten seconds will immediately reset the smart device.  

Final Thoughts

Understanding what’s causing your Kwikset door lock not to work before troubleshooting is crucial to avoid causing more damage.

Follow the tips described above for fuss-free smart door operations. 

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