Does Aluminum Foil Keep Mice Away?

Having a mice infestation is a fear for everyone.

One mouse may look harmless and cute, but there could be a whole lot of them living in your home.

All it takes is just one of these furry critters getting in, and in several weeks, there could be dozens of them. And once they begin nesting, it’s an uphill battle trying to get rid of them. 

Living with mice is not only bothersome and embarrassing; it’s a health hazard.

As they scurry around the house looking for food, they systematically defecate everywhere, spreading diseases. 

This article discusses whether aluminum foil is an effective deterrent for mice.

Does Aluminum Foil Keep Mice Away?

Do Mice Hate Aluminum Foil?

Using aluminum foil helps when experiencing an infestation. You can use it in blocking door frames, gaps on the walls, holes, and cracks. 

Even if the foil doesn’t block the space completely, at least it’ll keep the mice away.

Mice detest going near aluminum foil because it appears awkward, and metal is not their favorite, either. 

Why Do Mice Hate Aluminum Foil?

Mice hate aluminum foil because it has sharp points and grooves incorporated, which terrifies the mice, restraining them from nibbling on the metal. 

If you ball up the foil and use it to cover or fill holes on your walls and other areas where you notice the mice, you’ll realize that the mice keep off.

Wouldn’t that be your greatest joy?

Plus, you can use other types of metal, such as wire mesh, to cover cracks and holes where the mice can fit in.

For tiny cracks and holes, use aluminum foil. Why? Because the foil covers up the holes and cracks completely.

Mice can chew dense cardboard, paper, plastic, and insulation – that’s why aluminum foil is the best. 

Steelwool is another option you should consider to restrain mice in certain areas of your house because, like aluminum foil, mice can’t chew through it.

As with the foil, place balls of steel wool at the mouth of the holes where you often find mice droppings. Add aluminum behind it to seal the crack or hole.

How to Keep Mice Away Using Aluminum Foil

Before setting roadblocks and traps to keep the mice away, you need to identify cracks, holes, and other areas the mice use to gain entry.

The most common clues are droppings and spaces that suggest mice are around the room. Other indicators include mouse hair, scratching, and bite marks. 

Once you identify the mouse entry point, you’ll now need to set up the aluminum foil. Roll the foil into a ball and use it to set a trap or a restraint.

After rolling the ball, place it at the tip of the hole or crack, then use tape to hold it in place, so it doesn’t roll over due to a slight push by the mice. 

As mentioned above, combine steel wool and aluminum foil to ensure the pesky little rodents are nowhere near sight.

They can’t try to chew on these two materials and live to see another day. It’s just not possible. 

If you opt to use steel wool, stuff it into the holes and cracks and use tape to hold it in place.

Other Effective Ways to Keep Mice Away

How to keep mice out of the house

Consider Mouse Traps

Mouse traps help to both capture and get rid of the mice. If you don’t intend to kill the mice, choose the less inhumane options.

Alternatively, if you don’t have reservations about killing the mice, you can opt for the mouse-killing traps. 

These traps include electronic zap traps and standard clamp traps. 

Try Essential Oils

Essential oils such as peppermint oil repel mice. Oils are acidic and produce a powerful smell that instantly puts off the mice.

Therefore, spray a few drops of peppermint oil at every mouse entry point.

Tidy up the House

Forget about the mice for a minute; you have to tidy up your house.

The primary attraction of mice is a dirty and untidy environment. Keeping your home clean and tidy is a prudent way to repulse mice.

Block Entry Points

Identify the access points used by the mice. Is it holes or cracks?

Once you’ve identified the entry points, seal them using aluminum foil or steel wool. Next, tape the steel wool or foil, so they don’t roll over.


Will Mice Eat Through Aluminum Foil?

No, mice can’t chew through aluminum foil however much they try.

They, therefore, hate it because it stops them from accessing certain areas of the house where there’s food and other available edible items.

What’s the Best Thing to Use to Keep Mice Out of Your House?

One of the best ways to keep away mice is through aluminum foil. Other ways to keep mice out of the house are:

-Keep outside doors closed
-Clean countertops and floors
-Seal dry foods
-Block all entry points
-Leave garbage bins sealed tightly
-Cover pet food

What Will Mice Not Chew Through?

Unlike drywall, paper, and insulation, mice won’t chew through aluminum foil, steel wool, and wire mesh.

Even if they did, they’d be long dead before making it through the pantry.

Stuff any holes that mice use to gain entry with the aluminum foil and steel wool to keep them from sneaking into the house. 

Does Silver Foil Deter Mice?

Though unconventional, silver foil is like kryptonite to mice. It makes them steer clear.

Although foil is an excellent mice deterrent, it isn’t practical to have it strewn all over. Hence, identify the possible entry points only and seal them off. 

Final Thoughts

Mice don’t appreciate aluminum foil at all, so plugging all possible entry points with it helps deter mice from gaining entry. 

Also, before you use the foil, ensure your house is clean. Mice are attracted to untidy and dirty places, and aluminum foil won’t help if you live in a polluted environment.

Additionally, because you don’t want to hurt the mice that seek refuge in your home, you can use other natural ways rather than toxin treatments.

Hopefully, with the help of this guide, you can use a few natural solutions to get rid of the mice successfully. 

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