Do All Daewoo TVs Have Bluetooth? (To Connect Speakers)

You have recently obtained a new or used Daewoo TV, or perhaps you bought your TV a while ago but never hooked it up to external speakers.

This one night, you want to watch a late-night movie, but your family is asleep. As you figure out what to do, Bluetooth connectivity comes to mind!

But then, do all Daewoo TVs have Bluetooth to connect to speakers?

No, all Daewoo TVs don’t have Bluetooth to connect to speakers. However, the majority of Daewoo TVs are Bluetooth-enabled.

Hence, you can pair them with Bluetooth devices like wireless speakers and headphones. That necessitates knowing how to link these gadgets to your TV.

This article provides a pathway to establishing reliable Bluetooth connectivity between your TV and speakers and more.

Do All Daewoo TVs Have Bluetooth To Connect Speakers?

Do All Daewoo TVs Have Bluetooth? (To Connect Speakers)

Not all Daewoo TVs have a built-in Bluetooth feature.

Nevertheless, like most TV companies, Daewoo TV manufacturer has some TVs that can connect to Bluetooth gadgets like speakers.

Below is a step-by-step guide on configuring the speakers on your TV.

How Do You Connect Wireless Bluetooth Speakers To Your Daewoo TV?

Follow the steps below to connect your wireless Bluetooth speakers to your Daewoo TV. However, you must first confirm that your TV is Bluetooth-compatible.

  • Step 1: Activate the ‘Pairing mode’ of your Bluetooth speaker. In most cases, the speaker produces a sound notification indicating its ‘Active’ status.
  • Step 2: On your Daewoo TV’s ‘Home Screen,’ select ‘Menu’ and scroll down till you find the ‘Setting’ option.
  • Step 3: Click on the ‘Audio Devices Option from the ‘Setting’ tab.
  • Step 4: Select ‘Sound Output’ from the list of audio devices available.
  • Step 5: Click on the ‘Bluetooth speaker/Bluetooth audio devices’ list from the drop-down menu on your TV screen.
  • Step 5: Choose your desired Bluetooth speaker from the displayed list. It should automatically connect to your TV.
  • Step 6: If the two gadgets are successfully linked, the Bluetooth speaker produces another notification sound, indicating an established connection.

How Do You Know That Your Daewoo TV Is Bluetooth Compatible?

There are three ways to know whether your Daewoo TV is Bluetooth-compatible.

It’s advisable always to confirm that your TV is Bluetooth-enabled before starting the pairing process.

Here’s how to check:

Google Search

The most straightforward way to check if your Daewoo TV has Bluetooth is to ‘Google’ the model number of your TV.

Then, you can check its ‘Connectivity’ from the specifications section.

If YES, Bluetooth should be one of the connectivity options.

Remote Control

A smart remote control shows that the TV supports Bluetooth.

Hence, if your Daewoo TV has a smart remote control, that’s a clear indicator that the TV is Bluetooth-enabled. Such remotes connect to the TV via Bluetooth.


The third way to confirm that your Daewoo TV has Bluetooth is by going to the ‘Settings Menu’, clicking on ‘Sound’, and then selecting ‘Sound Output.’

If a ‘Bluetooth Speakers List’ displays on your TV screen, then there’s no doubt that it’s compatible.

Can I Connect More Than One Bluetooth Speaker To My TV?

How do I know if my Daewoo TV has Bluetooth?

Yes, you can connect more than one Bluetooth speaker to your TV.

If you want to connect multiple speakers to your smart TV, you can do so by following the steps below:

  • Step 1: Connect your Bluetooth speakers and TV to power.
  • Step 2: Activate your Bluetooth speakers’ pairing mode.
  • Step 3: Go to your TV’s settings and click on the Bluetooth menu.
  • Step 4: Choose the Bluetooth speakers you want to link to the TV from the list that appears.
  • Step 5: After the selection, you’re directed to establish a successful connection by subsequent prompts. Follow them sequentially to the end.

Upon completing the connectivity process between the TV and your Bluetooth speakers, adjust the volume and the sound to create a good surround sound experience.

The surround sound system improves the depth and fidelity of sound presentation. Therefore, using numerous audio outputs from various speakers offers a superb experience.


Can I Connect Bluetooth Devices To A Non-Bluetooth Daewoo TV?

Yes, you can connect Bluetooth devices to a non-Bluetooth Daewoo TV. How?

By involving an adapter in your connection. Simply connect the Bluetooth adapter to the audio port of your TV.

Then, activate the pairing mode of your Bluetooth device and connect it to the audio outlet.

Your TV’s audio transmits through the port to the device and then to the headphones/speakers.

What Does A USB Bluetooth Adapter Do?

A USB Bluetooth adapter quickly allows Bluetooth wireless transmissions on your TV USB port.

Once you connect it to the TV, all Bluetooth devices can link to it via the adapter.

It’s a quick and inexpensive way of configuring the devices onto your TV.

Can I Use A Bluetooth Dongle On My Daewoo TV?

Yes, you can use a Bluetooth dongle on your Daewoo TV.

If your TV doesn’t have a built-in Bluetooth capability, you can still establish connectivity between your TV and Bluetooth devices using a Bluetooth dongle. 

Which Daewoo TV Models Have Bluetooth?

Various Daewoo TV models have Bluetooth.

These TVs include DAEWOO 50″ 50DM54UA, DAEWOO 65″ 65DM54UA, DAEWOO 50″ 50DM54UA, and DAEWOO 43.

The models have built-in Bluetooth to connect to Bluetooth devices such as wireless speakers and headphones.

Do All Smart TVs Have Bluetooth To Connect To Speakers?

No, not all smart TVs have built-in Bluetooth to connect to speakers.

Mostly, you’ll find the Bluetooth feature in the flagship models.

Nevertheless, manufacturers are now including it in low-quality models due to the rising competition between various brands.

It’s a strategic sales-boosting tool.

Final Thoughts

So, do all Daewoo TVs have Bluetooth to connect to speakers?

Not all Daewoo TVs have the Bluetooth feature to connect to speakers. However, there are several Bluetooth-compatible Daewoo TVs.

Thankfully, this write-up provides six quick steps to connect your Bluetooth-enabled TV to speakers.

Follow these steps to establish a connection and enjoy private listening of your Daewoo TV. 

Also, if you’ve been wondering if your TV has Bluetooth or not, we’ve given you three simple ways of finding out.

These include the presence of a smart remote, your TV settings, and googling your TV model number.

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