Water Not Coming Out of Shower Head (How To Fix)

Unfortunately, it appears that you will not be able to joyfully belt out songs in the shower as you usually do.

The shower head is not dispensing water even after turning the valve to the maximum. How is that even possible? You wonder.

If you have cleared your water bill and still water is not coming out, go ahead and do a problem analysis or engage a plumber to assist.

In this article, we explore the possible causes of water not coming out of the shower head and how to fix it.

Reasons Why Water is Not Coming Out of the Shower Head and How to It

How to unblock shower head

Here are possible causes of no water coming from the shower head:

Low-Pressure Levels

If your oncoming water from the source has low pressure, the water won’t have the force to flow to the overhead tank for distribution to the shower.

If you depend on a private well and the water levels have gone down, you’ll have minimal or no water flowing into your system.

The same happens if you rely on municipal water, and a breakdown lowers the water flowing to your home.

How to Fix Low-Pressure Levels

To boost your shower water pressure levels, you have several  options:

  • Install a shower pump 
  • Replace the old shower head with a new one
  • Install a pressurized water tank
  • Change your shower to a power shower

Any of these options will increase your water pressure and have it flowing through the shower head at the rate you set.


Your entire plumbing system must always be free from the build-up to allow water flow. 

If you depend on hard water, the minerals, such as magnesium and calcium, get attached to the surface of the plumbing pipes.

After some time, the build-up grows and blocks the pipes preventing the water from flowing.

Clogging can also result from a worn-out plumbing system that disintegrates and fails to allow water through.

How to Solve Clogging

If there is build-up along the pipes, then cleaning the shower head alone won’t sort the problem. 

Store enough water to last you the day you will be unclogging the entire system.  To clean the system:

  •  Flash out any water that could be resting on the pipes
  • Shut off all valves, including the main one
  • Saturate the pipes with a vinegar and baking powder solution and allow to soak a whole day
  • Allow the solution to flow through the faucets
  • Run clean water through to rinse the system
  • Allow the water to run until the smell of vinegar is all gone.

That should sort the entire plumbing unit previously blocked by mineral deposits.

Alternatively, If you depend on hard water from a well, a water purification system will sort the problem of water not coming out as a result of clogging permanently.

You could choose to install a water softener at the entry point where the main water line joins your plumbing system.

Better still, you could have a combined water softener and a reverse osmosis system. 

The combined hybrid system works best on your system since first the water is softened, after which further purification is carried out to remove any traces of contaminants that could clog the plumbing system.

Faulty Showerhead

An old faulty showerhead will malfunction and fail to allow water through. If you don’t regularly clean the showerhead, it will soon fail.

You need to care for the showerhead to ensure it’s always functioning. After years of serving you, replace it with a new one. 

How to Fix Faulty Shower Head

The major cause of a faulty showerhead is dirt which blocks the pores meant to let water out. It’s for this reason you should constantly clean it.

To clean the shower head, get vinegar in zipper paper and soak the shower head for an entire night or 24 hours to clear the buildup that could be blocking the pores.

If the showerhead is extremely blocked, consider adding a spoonful of baking powder to the vinegar for optimal results.

Malfunctioning Water Flow Valves

The plumbing system has several flow valves at different parts before getting to the showerhead. 

The first one is usually located at the entry point where the main line joins your home; this is the valve that controls all the water that flows to the different parts of your house.

When turned off, you won’t have water at any point. First, you need to confirm the valve is on. Probably your pet knocked it off.

Next, move to the valve that connects all your bathroom water and verify it’s intact. Finally, check the valve connected directly to the shower, the one you turn on as you shower.

All the flow valves must be functioning for you to access water from the showerhead. If any of them is faulty, you won’t have water coming out of the showerhead.

How to Fix Malfunctioning Water Flow Valves

Once you identify the faulty valve, get a new one of a similar size compatible with the existing plumbing system.

To fix, turn off the main water line and remove the old one by turning it anticlockwise at the point it joins the pipe. Use a wrench if the hand proves difficult.

Apply Teflon tape on the thread of the new valve and fix it. Use the wrench to tighten.

Showerhead and Shower Arm Incompatibility

no water in shower but sinks are fine- quick fix

Old homes featuring an out-of-date plumbing system can give you problems when trying to get a shower head that fits the pre-existing shower arm.

An incompatible shower system will interfere with the flow of water to the extent of blocking it. 

How to Fix Showerhead and Shower Arm Incompatibility

You could get a new combined system and fix it anew or carry a picture of the existing shower arm as you go shopping for the shower head.

Alternatively, consult your plumber for guidance.

Don’t be influenced by the different impressive designs you get at the store; instead, be guided by the size of the existing shower arm.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is there plenty of water everywhere else in my house except on the shower head?

This happens due to clogged pipes or other fixtures where mineral deposits lower water pressure.

Mostly it happens where hard water is commonly used without softening or purification.

Why is my water not coming out of the shower head properly?

If you recently acquired a new shower head, you need to evaluate how well you have fixed it.

Ensure the shower head and the shower arm are compatible failure to which the head won’t dispense water properly.

Soak the showerhead in vinegar to remove any buildup that could clog the holes and block the water from flowing properly.

Final Thoughts

Having purified water flowing through your plumbing system is the first step in ensuring you are not stuck under the shower waiting for water to flow in vain.

Water not coming out the shower head can be annoying, especially because you are not alerted in advance and always get caught off guard.

Ensure you have played your part in having the right shower head before you start cursing.

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