How to Attach a Modular Home to a Foundation

Modular homes offer an excellent opportunity to own the home of your dreams at an affordable cost.

When you get this style of home, it will have modules that are built at the factory and then attached to the foundation of your homesite.

How To Attach A Modular Home To A Foundation

If you are wondering how to attach a modular home to a foundation, the process is complicated and must be done by a professional.

There are many steps in the process.

These steps are very important because they ensure that your home is set correctly and that you never have to worry about any issues with the foundation and the home itself.

Home Site Inspection By The Crane Operator

The first step when getting your modular home put on its foundation is that the crane contractor needs to come out and inspect the site.

While the modular home is not that heavy to lift, its size does make it awkward.

It is a good idea for the crane operator to come out and see the size of the site, along with the size of the modular home.

The crane operator will need to learn exactly how much room he has to work with and if there are any restrictions in the area.

The crane operator will figure out what size crane needs to be brought out, the location of the crane, and if there are any obstructions that need to be removed.

House Delivery

The next step will be that the house is delivered. The builder and homeowner should be present when the home is delivered.

The builder will need to ensure that the house shipping papers are in order and that everything matches.

The parts of the modular home should be inspected to make sure that everything is where it should be.

Foundation Preparation

Prior to the modular home delivery, the builder must have the foundation ready. This should be in compliance with local codes and should be the foundation that you want.

For example, if you decided to go with a basement foundation, that should be ready to go.

During the foundation preparation, the sill plate will need to be installed and checked to ensure that it is level. This will provide a bearing surface for the floor rails of the modular home.

Setting The Module On The Foundation

How to attach a modular home to a foundation will follow several steps, and they include:

1. There are lift points that will need to be located, and holes are drilled.

This should be within ½ of an inch from the bottom double rale. This is where the lifting cables go.

The only way to lift the modular home up is to use a crane. There will need to be slings and spreader bars to lift the modules.

2. The carrier clips and bolts will now be removed from the floor system.

They held the module to the carrier and will no longer be needed.

3. There will be shipping plastic on the marriage wall on the side of the module.

This plastic will need to be removed.

After the plastic is removed, an inspection will be needed to ensure that no nails are projecting out.

4. The next step will be inspecting the energy seal.

This will be installed by the factory and should be around the outside of the marriage wall.

It should be inspected to make sure that it is in good shape without any damage.

5. Now the house will be lifted onto the foundation.

Cables will go through the rail holes and go to the carrier.

The cables will be tied to complete a sling or loop to the spreader bar. It is recommended that a becket is used during this process.

The spreader bar will help to ensure that the cables do not rub the side of the modular home because it can cause damage.

On the opposing corners of the modular home, a rope will be tied to help guide the modular home.

The module will be lifted, and one corner will be kept lower than the rest.

The low corner should be sat on the foundation first, and then the rest of the corners can be adjusted to ensure that the unit sits evenly on the foundation.

The alignment will need to be checked, and then the cables can be disconnected.

6. Now the perimeter rail will need to be nailed to the sill plate.

7. The next module can now be put into place, and the process can start over again.

Final Steps

Once the modules have been set, they will be checked for alignment and adjusted if necessary.

The next step will be that the roof system will be closed and finished. The electrical systems, plumbing system, and HVAC system will all be inspected and hooked up.

After this, the final inspection will be completed, and the home will be habitable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about setting up a modular home on a foundation.

Do I need to remove anything from the property before the modular is set up?

If there are trees and other debris that may block the crane, you will need to remove them.

The crane operator can let you know this before the crane is brought out.

Can I choose the foundation that I want?

Yes, you can choose your foundation.

If you prefer a basement, you can have that designed for you and installed, or you can go with a crawl space.

The choice is yours, and it will all depend on your personal preferences.

How long with this process take?

Setting the modular home on the foundation will take several hours, and this will all depend on several different factors.

Your contractor can give you a better estimate on how long it will take to attach the modular home.

Why can I not do this process myself?

Unless you have access to a crane and plenty of skills in setting a modular home up, you should avoid trying to do this.

Modular homes have to be set up by professionals that know exactly what goes into them.

If the home is not set on the foundation correctly, it could lead to major structural problems for your home.

Final Thoughts

Setting up a modular home is a complex process and one that has to be done by professionals to ensure that your home is set right.

Once your foundation is done, and the home is set, your new home will be ready to move into.

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