You are an asset to the realtor profession and a great person.

This was my first home purchase and I had met with a couple other realtors prior to meeting you. I didn’t get the sense that the other realtors cared as much as you did in placing me in a home that I would be happy with. I remember the first time I viewed a home with you, you indicated that you were there to help me and my fiance’e find the best home for us, whatever that took. Many many house viewings later, you held true to your word. Not only were you patient in viewing many different houses with us during the intervening months, you helped us refine our search and proved to be an invaluable resource during the house searching process because of your knowledge of housing construction as well as the market in general. When it came time to finally settle on a home, you helped us negotiate price and the terms of the deal. Not having been through this process before, it was comforting knowing I had someone with your knowledge, experience, and skills on our side. From start to finish you held true to your goal of helping us find the best suited home for our needs and we found it because of you. You are an asset to the realtor profession and a great person. Thanks!

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