Here are three scenarios:

1) You’ve just rolled out of bed after hitting the ‘snooze’ button on your alarm one too many times. You’re late for work for the third time this week, and your stomach is empty.

2) Lunch plans are on you. All your friends are counting on you to decide where you’re going to go eat, to book the table, and to have a schedule. (If combined with #1, you’re in trouble).

3) You finally got a babysitter for the kids and it’s date night. Your other half wants to go somewhere you’ve never been before, but they won’t decide as to where.

These are all scenarios that can be fixed by having restaurants, coffee houses, and diners close by and having a handy list as your guide.

Bennington residents, you’re in luck. We’ve picked out some of the highest rated restaurants in your area. We Yelped so you don’t have to!

☕️ Where can I find breakfast or brunch?

Grinder’s Coffee | 15615 CW Hadan Dr., Bennington, NE 86007

Grinder’s Coffee is a 4.5-star rated coffee house and the number one place to start your day in Bennington, whether it’s an early one or late. Open Monday-Friday from 6 am – 5 pm and weekends 7 am – 12 pm, Grinder’s talent is in its coffee. There’s no shortage of food to get for breakfast in this kitschy-chic establishment, either.

The Grinder’s menu includes pastries and paninis, as well as good, old-fashioned soul food like biscuits and melts. If you work from home, Grinder’s is a great place to take your work along to do there.

Recommended indulgence: The Grinder’s Mocha is a delicacy.

Saddle Creek Breakfast Club | 1540 N Saddle Creek Rd., Omaha, NE 68104

Venture south into midtown Omaha for a 4.5-star rated midwestern breakfast of dreams. Saddle Creek Breakfast Club‘s rating is an average of 40 different reviews, 30 of which are 5-star. Chase Thomsen, long-time Omaha chef, opened Saddle Creek as a business that would utilize locally grown and produced ingredients as a way of supporting the Nebraska Farming Community. And, well, making the most delicious food possible!

Recommended indulgence: All omnivores should try the Vegan waffle.

🌮 Where should I pick up some lunch?

Dos De Oros aka “The Taco Truck” | Omaha and surrounding area

To live like a Bennington local, loving Omaha’s premier taco truck service is the best-rated restaurant around. Believe it or not, this food truck has everything you could want for lunch or dinner, and sometimes, it’s the smaller, time-tested establishments that earn the best, most deserving of accolades. Dos De Oros serves up fresh veggies and deliciously seasoned meats and is the go-to place for traditional, genuine Mexican food in the whole county!

Recommended indulgence: Their tacos are great, but try a burrito!

Evolve Paleo Chef | 15514 Spaulding Plz, Omaha, NE 68116

Head downtown again into Omaha for the healthiest place for juices and food around. Evolve Paleo Chef began as a meal-preparation business around the idea of a Paleolithic diet. The Paleo diet is, in some ways, similar to other lower carb options, but has proven to be more sustainable in the long run and has been known to help symptoms of various stomach ailments. Paleo has vastly improved the quality of many lives, why can’t yours be one?

Recommended indulgence: Pop in for a delicious green smoothie to enliven your day.

🍽 What are the most recommended options for dinner?

The Warehouse | 15835 Center West Hadan Dr., Omaha, NE 68007

Are you in the mood for bar food and free drinks? Bennington staple The Warehouse has you covered. The Warehouse (rated 4.5 stars on Yelp) is an old-school bar and grill establishment that supplies a homey vibe, and you’d be amiss not to name it as your local. The range of activities it supplies is as vast as the choices on its menu, and those include live music on the weekends and a TV by the bar for all your sports needs.

Recommended indulgence: Pizza! Make it crispy…

Mahogany Prime Steakhouse | 13665 California St., Omaha, NE 68154

If you’re the type of person to request meat on your meat, the Mahogany Prime Steakhouse in downtown Omaha is a place that, after one visit, will be at the top of your go-to list when you’re in charge of where you’re going to eat. If the vegetarians get their Paleo and juices, you should be able to get your juicy steak too! At Mahogany Prime Steakhouse, great steak is a way of life and in a city that prides itself on great steak, it says it all that Mahogany is the top of the pile.

Recommended indulgence: Prime Cowboy Ribeye with a side of potatoes au gratin. Bon appetit!

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